黒いのセーラーサターン by 琉璃子 on pixiv

セーラーヴィーナス | ゆらん [pixiv] 

There’s this guy that rants everyday about how everyone is sinners at our college and someone made a bingo game to go along with him today


"Nice to meet yo—"

le falta vitamina P, lastima que no tiene ningun arco xD


remember that part of durarara!! when izaya was being an asshole

"Tengen Toppa, while it does have an amazing story, is not about the story. It’s not about a logical progression, strategy, conflicts of interests, world building, exploring the sci-fi or the other ideas in it. In fact, it is about the deconstruction of all those things. I usually like smart anime. But Tengen Toppa is unique, managing to be good without trying to be smart. Because it isn’t about being smart. Its about feeling. Everything else is just a plot device. Its abstract almost, like a legend or an epic. You don’t need to believe it. TTGL takes your ideas and your expectations and says fuck you. The only one idea that matters is feeling and spirit. It delivers on an emotional level. A primal instinct; willpower, that adrenaline rush and madness that overcomes you as you face an impossible challenge."

   — Regarding Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (via class-13)